El Mirador opens August 2024: Homes can be reserved with arrival date from 01.08.2024

Infinity pool

What is El Mirador?

El Mirador is a “Danish” privately owned resort on the Costa del Sol, located right on the Mediterranean Sea. El Mirador is built on a sustainable foundation, where electricity and heat are produced sustainably through the resort’s own production. Among other things, this runs the accommodation and facilities at El Mirador.

The resort

A "Danish" luxury resort on the Costa del sol

El Mirador is a 5-star resort on the Costa del Sol located just over 50 km east of Málaga. The resort consists of 37 homes owned by private individuals (mainly Danes), which are jointly part of the El Mirador area. The resort also offers luxurious facilities such as an infinity pool, wellness, fitness, tapas bar and more.

El Mirador is brand new and will be completed from 2024. The homes and facilities are built sustainably and to an incredibly high quality – even from a Danish perspective. The resort as a whole is unlike anywhere else on the Costa del Sol, and those who book a vacation here want the very best.

The facilities

Great facilities for all tastes

At El Mirador there are several great facilities such as an infinity pool, a wellness area, a fitness center and a tapas bar that can be used by all guests of the resort. In addition, there is a service office and a service staff who operate the resort’s facilities on a daily basis and provide service for any requests our guests may have.

The houses

New homes in "Danish" quality

The homes at El Mirador are built to high quality standards with a group of Danes as builders. For this reason, the homes are built based on Danish homes, which can be seen in everything from the kitchen to bathrooms and bedrooms. The difference between the holiday homes at El Mirador and Danish liebhaveri is mainly the number of terraces and their size. Most homes at the resort have 3 terraces with a total terrace area of well over 100m².


Sustainable energy as a driving force in El Mirador

El Mirador is powered by up to 100% green energy from its own production. The energy comes from both solar panels and geothermal geothermal energy, which are integrated at the resort to ensure sustainable operations. 

These initiatives provide power and heat for the entire resort – both homes and facilities. The green energy production allows us to operate the demanding facilities during both summer and winter periods, where guests can enjoy a luxurious stay to the fullest with peace of mind.


Top-class service and experiences

Good service is our top priority. Service staff work every day to ensure your vacation is as enjoyable as possible – whether you want service at the resort or want to find exciting experiences, great restaurants, equipment ordering and more.

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A brand new luxury resort

NOTE: Booking available from June 29, 2024

El Mirador is a brand new luxury resort on the Costa del Sol that has been completed here in 2024. You can book your vacation today with the earliest arrival date from 29/06-2024.

Images of homes, facilities and more will be updated throughout the spring season.