El Mirador opens August 2024: Homes can be reserved with arrival date from 01.08.2024

Infinity pool

Sustainability in El Mirador

El Mirador is a sustainable luxury resort where the vast majority of the energy is produced at the resort itself. With self-generation of both energy and heat, the operation of homes and facilities at El Mirador is sustainable. A sustainable and durable future at El Mirador has been a high priority for us since the beginning.

Solar cells

Integrated solar cells cover energy consumption

Solar panels are integrated into the architecture of all homes and around the outdoor areas at El Mirador. These panels will generate electricity for everything from individual homes to facilities and common areas. The energy from the solar cells covers the vast majority of the energy consumption at El Mirador. In fact, at times, up to 100% of energy consumption is covered, making the resort completely self-sufficient in terms of energy production during these periods.

Geothermal heating

Geothermal geothermal heating provides heating and cooling

32 geothermal pumps, each going 120 meters underground, heat and cool all homes and facilities at El Mirador. This is used for cooling and heating the individual homes, but also for heating the water in taps, pools and hot tubs, among other things.

Home insulation

Home insulation of the highest class

All homes at El Mirador are covered with highly insulating panels that keep indoor temperatures stable all year round in a sustainable way. This level of isolation is a rarity in Spain, but is an important piece of the puzzle for El Mirador to operate sustainably. The homes also feature large and minimalist multiglass windows that provide great light to the living room and bedrooms, but also offer an unrivaled level of insulation. All in all, the high level of insulation in the homes is built with economic and sustainable operation in mind.

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A brand new luxury resort

NOTE: Booking available from June 29, 2024

El Mirador is a brand new luxury resort on the Costa del Sol that has been completed here in 2024. You can book your vacation today with the earliest arrival date from 29/06-2024.

Images of homes, facilities and more will be updated throughout the spring season.