El Mirador opens August 2024: Homes can be reserved with arrival date from 01.08.2024

Infinity pool

Homes for sale in El Mirador

The homes in El Mirador are privately owned, and we have a few for sale that you can become the new owner of. Here you will find the overview of homes for sale in El Mirador.

Residential m²
Terraces m²
House 2
2 + 1 toilet
€ 565.000
House 20
2 + 1 toilet
€ 565.000

*NOTE: Before the final purchase price, approx. 12% is added to the house price, which covers, among other things, Spanish VAT (IVA) and legal costs.

About El Mirador

Privately owned homes with great shared facilities

El Mirador is a resort on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain consisting of 37 homes, each individually owned by private individuals. El Mirador has great communal facilities that can be used by all homeowners and guests of El Mirador. The facilities at El Mirador include an infinity pool, a wellness area, a tapas bar and a fitness center/area. There is also an associated service office. These facilities and the dense housing are what classify El Mirador as a resort.

When you own a home in El Mirador, you not only have the benefits of owning an exclusive home in Europe’s most attractive holiday area – you also have all the benefits of being part of a 5-star resort every time you stay in your home.

A brand new resort

A brand new "Danish" resort on the Costa del Sol

El Mirador is a brand new resort (completed early 2024), developed by Danes with a passion for enjoying life in the south of Spain. The “Danish” nature of the building is evident in the quality and design of the homes, as well as the selection and design of the facilities. El Mirador is based on what we Danes know and associate with modern construction and luxury down to the last detail.

Unlike traditional Spanish construction, El Mirador is built to a quality we know from modern Danish homes. This includes Scandinavian design and interiors, good insulation, low energy and sustainable execution of the resort as a whole.

However, despite the Danish-inspired design, the homes in El Mirador also make great use of the unique qualities of being located in the sunniest area in Europe. All the homes have several terraces with large outdoor areas that are great to use during all the sunny hours you will experience on the Costa del Sol.


Up to 100% sustainable energy to power El Mirador

Up to 100% of the energy consumption at El Mirador is produced green and sustainably through self-generation in the resort.

Since the start of construction, the sustainable element of El Mirador has been a high priority. For us, sustainability and luxury can go hand-in-hand, and we also believe that this approach is the most responsible way to create a luxury resort. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in generating electricity through solar panels and heat with deep geothermal pumps.

These investments green all homes and facilities in the resort and enable responsible operation of several facilities. For example, running a large heated pool during the colder months.

As a homeowner, you can even look forward to lower energy bills.


Get 5-6% return on your property with facility management

Being a homeowner in El Mirador doesn’t have to be all pleasure. It’s also a great investment opportunity. As a homeowner, you can become part of our facility management, where we rent out your home for you during periods when you are not using it yourself. That way, you can expect a return of around 5-6% per year. years.

The Costa del Sol is Europe’s most popular holiday destination among Danes. The demand for homes and resorts, such as El Mirador, has also been growing rapidly over the past several years. It can therefore make good financial sense to rent out your home during periods when you are not using it yourself. With facility management, you can automate this process 100% through us, making your investment easy and sustainable.

With the high demand for housing in the south of Spain, we’ve also seen property values increase over the past several years. With this trend, we expect continued increases in home prices in El Mirador over the next several years, which can be enjoyed by all homeowners in the resort.

The location

El Mirador: 60 km east from Málaga Airport, right next to the Mediterranean Sea

El Mirador is located approximately 60 km east of Málaga Airport – with only 300 meters to the Mediterranean Sea as the crow flies. For many people, the location of El Mirador is exactly what they associate with the ideal vacation when thinking of a charter vacation in Southern Europe with sun, warmth and beaches. El Mirador is located slightly uphill, which means that all homes have an exceptional view far out over the Mediterranean Sea.

El Mirador is quietly located a bit away from the bigger cities. However, you don’t have to go more than 1 km to get to the beach with its many beach bars. Approx. 2 km from the resort you will find supermarkets for your shopping

Approx. 7 km east from El Mirador, you will find Nerja. A beautiful coastal city with around 20,000 inhabitants that is known for its beautiful seafront promenade and a host of fine restaurants and cafés.

Approx. 14 km from El Mirador, you will find the “mountain town” of Frigiliana. Here you can experience some of the most beautiful mountain scenery on the Costa del Sol from several vantage points where you can enjoy the view.

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A brand new luxury resort

NOTE: Booking available from June 29, 2024

El Mirador is a brand new luxury resort on the Costa del Sol that has been completed here in 2024. You can book your vacation today with the earliest arrival date from 29/06-2024.

Images of homes, facilities and more will be updated throughout the spring season.