El Mirador opens August 2024: Homes can be reserved with arrival date from 01.08.2024

Infinity pool

In El Mirador

Wellness with hot and cold baths and associated masseurs

Experience ultimate relaxation and renewal in the wellness center in the middle of El Mirador, where hot and cold baths await you together with our skilled masseurs. Step into an oasis of wellbeing where you can let stress and tension disappear.

Immerse yourself in the cold baths and feel a refreshing wave of energy flow through your body. The cool sensation awakens your senses and gives you a renewed sense of vitality and clarity.

Our skilled masseurs are ready to turn your wellness experience into pure magic. They will tailor treatments to your needs and help release tension and stress, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and balanced.

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A brand new luxury resort

NOTE: Booking available from June 29, 2024

El Mirador is a brand new luxury resort on the Costa del Sol that has been completed here in 2024. You can book your vacation today with the earliest arrival date from 29/06-2024.

Images of homes, facilities and more will be updated throughout the spring season.