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El Mirador have a beautiful location in southern Spain, 50 km east from Malaga. It is the perfect location if you like to enjoy the view over the Mediterranean. The project is being built by Danish contractors, and with a strong Danish owner team behind. The Danish team has extensive experience in construction in Spain. The project has 39 luxury townhouses, of which a large part has already been sold.

All houses have a nice ocean view, which can be enjoyed from the roof terraces all the houses have. It is modern houses that are furnishing friendly and have open kitchen. The living room with openmax windows means that the view can be enjoyed optimally. There are 3 bedrooms in all houses, good air conditioning, solar water heater, windows with high-quality energy nozzles.

The common areas consist of a good and large common house among other things, often sought by buyers for Spanish holiday homes. The construction is offering a fantastic pool area with panoramic views over the Mediterranean Sea. It is hard to find a place more beautiful place to enjoy a glass of wine. See this must, of course in the context of Torrox Costa, being voted the best climate in Europe. We must of course also mention Nerja, which in 2016 got the price for “Most Charming Coast City in Spain”. Everybody loves the area. Once it has been visited, you will return repeatedly.

The houses are rentable and we have done a lot to create a good framework for those who want to rent your houses. There is the opportunity for good earnings

Why buy now?

The time has come for this investment right now, when the market has been completely down and on its way up. The prices are good right now and there is an opportunity for a good purchase price on the project. If you buy now, you get the house at an attractive price. If you choose to wait until project is built, the same house will typically be approx. 50 – 100.000 euros more expensive.

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